Salem's History

Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church was founded in 1917. The Church was located on the corner of Abbott Road and Salem Street in South Buffalo.

A new church was built at its current location, on McClellan Circle, and was dedicated in 1951. The building itself is an outstanding piece of architecture in the South Buffalo area. It has several stained glass windows, white oak pews, and high arches in the nave.

The church’s carillon plays throughout the day for the nearby community. Salem is handicapped accessible and it has a large parking lot at the rear of the church.

Salem houses a designated disaster shelter. In the case of an emergency due to a natural disaster everyone from the nearby community is welcome to take refuge at our facilities.

Salem has had four Pastors in its 100 year history:

Rev. Adolph Krueger from 1917 – 1959
Rev. Richard E. Blemaster from 1959 – 1999
Rev. David F. C. Wurster from 2001 – 2009
Rev. John L. Pingel 2010 - present