Salem Lutheran Church
100th Anniversary Celebration

Saturday, October 28, 2017 at The Columns in Elma
Watch for your invitation in the mail. 
Partial cost will be subsidized by the 100th Anniversary Fundraisers.
Seating is limited so RSVPs will be taken no later than October 15,  2017.

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100th Anniversary Worship Service

Sunday, October 29th 2017 at 10:45 a.m.
(There will be NO 8:15 a.m. service this Sunday.)
Special guest preacher will be Rev. Dr. Chris Wicher, Eastern District LCMS President, son of Salem and St. Paul.
There will be a catered luncheon following the Anniversary Worship Service. This luncheon will be served at no cost to attendees. RSVPs are requested.

Salem's 100th Anniversary and the 500th Anniversary of

the Reformation Celebration Planning Update

Our committee and multiple smaller sub-committees have been actively planning these Anniversary celebrations. We do ask that the congregation pray for our efforts and success and also that the members of the congregation volunteer their time and skills when the committee asks for your help.

Project Agenda & Updates:

1. Thanks to all who supported the Applebee’s Fundraiser on August 2, 2017. A special thank you to Jim Carr for coordinating this fundraiser.
2. Quilt Raffle – The tickets will cost $2 for one (1) ticket and $5 for three (3) tickets. See any Anniversary Committee members for tickets. The quilt is displayed in the Good Shepherd Room.
3. Note Cards – Please make sure to take the time to look at those note cards which feature colored pictures of four (4) of the stained glass windows in the church. The note cards can be found on a table in the Good Shepherd Room. The cost is $10 for a packet of eight cards and eight envelopes. These note cards make wonderful gifts.
4. 100th Anniversary Banquet – See top of page for more information.
5. Sweatshirts, Hoodies, T  Shirts, etc.–There is clothing available celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the church with this logo in red and blue. All proceeds will go to the fund set up to defray the cost of the banquet in October. If you would like to place an order, please fill out the form with checks made payable to Salem Lutheran Church. Postage will be added for those who need items mailed to you. If you would like to pick up from church, Julie Schmidt will contact you when the items(s) are ready to let you know to get them from church. Order forms are available and samples are displayed in the Good Shepherd Room.  Any questions regarding the clothing items or sizing, please contact Julie directly at 716-863-5848.
For pictures of the sweatshirts, hoodies, etc. and the order form click here→ 100th Anniversary Apparel

6. 2017 Calendar of Guest Ministers and Events

Guest Ministers:
- Rev. Karl Brenner – September 24th
- Rev. Dr. Chris Wicher, Eastern District LCMS President, son of Salem and St. Paul – October 29th
(Please note there will be NO 8:15 am service that Sunday.)

Next Committee Meeting – Saturday, October 7th at 9:00 a.m.

Janet Overdorf 655-1929        Norrine Nagel 826-6745

The following was published by LCMS Eastern District President Rev. Dr. Chris Wicher in his “Breaking New Ground” June 2017 issue. Dr. Wicher is a son of Salem and St. Paul. 

I had the privilege of attending the Confirmation reunion at my childhood church, Salem in Buffalo, on Sunday June 11th. This 100th anniversary year reunion was part of their yearlong observation of God's grace shining through these many years. The worship service was well done and the church was full that Sunday morning. Of course, the successful attendance was not without a lot of work and effort on the committee's part. I'm told that several of the long-time members worked with the pastor emeritus, Richard Blemaster, to seek out addresses and to address invitations to as many as they were able. I don't know for certain what the final tally was, but with hundreds upon hundreds who made their confirmation through Salem, I'm certain that number was impressive. One of the special features of Salem is its pictorial history of its confirmation classes. Salem is the only church of which I am aware in the Eastern District that has on display a photo of each and every confirmation class in its 100 year history without missing a beat. And they are all on display in its basement. Dare I say my pudgy 12-year old face, with a head full of hair, is in the 1970 picture?  

Among many other things, this occasion reminded me of Jesus' words to His disciples on the mount of Ascension. His final words to the 11 are recorded at the end of Matthew's Gospel. "Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you." 

Jesus commanded them, and us, to go, and in going, to baptize and to teach. Sitting there at the reunion service, I remembered how confirmation is one way the church follows Jesus' command. By confirming young and old in the faith, Salem, and your church too, is obeying the words of Jesus. There are other ways congregations instruct people in the oracles of God. For example, there is Sunday School, VBS, recess classes, Adult classes, youth events and the like. Obviously, confirmation is only a rite of the church but a good one at that. It is not commanded as such in the Scriptures, except to say, we are to teach. Confirmation is a way the Lutheran Church has come to teach people the faith. It is sort of a follow up on Baptism.  By Baptism we are brought into the faith. Confirmation, then, teaches us the faith into which we were Baptized.  How good for our faith is the ministry we call "confirmation."