Salem's 100th Anniversary and the 500th Anniversary of

the Reformation Celebration Planning Update

Our committee and multiple smaller sub-committees have been actively planning these Anniversary celebrations. We do ask that the congregation pray for our efforts and success and also that the members of the congregation volunteer their time and skills when the committee asks for your help.

Project Agenda & Updates:

1. Election Day Chili Sale– Thanks to all who made and supported our Election Day Chili Sale on November 7th. Over $800 was raised.

2. Note Cards – Please make sure to take the time to look at those note cards which feature colored pictures of four (4) of the stained glass windows in the church. The note cards can be found on a table in the Good Shepherd Room. The cost is $10 for a packet of eight cards and eight envelopes. These note cards make wonderful gifts.

3. Sweatshirts, Hoodies, T  Shirts, etc.–Additional order forms are available and samples are displayed in the Good Shepherd Room.  Any questions regarding the clothing items or sizing, please contact Julie at 716-863-5848.
For pictures of the sweatshirts, hoodies, etc. and the order form click here→ 100th Anniversary Apparel

4. Cookbooks – All are sold out. Thanks to all who supported this sale.

5. 2017 Calendar of Events – Lutheran Chorale Concert – December 17th – 4 pm – Pie & Coffee reception following – Freewill offering – See flyer elsewhere in this issue.

6. Banquet programs and 100th Anniversary History booklets – Extra copies are available in the Good Shepherd Room.

 Please patronize our advertisers that were featured in our Banquet program:
• Itch to Stitch – Julie Schmidt
• Nuchereno & Nagel – Catherine Nagel, Esq., Partner
• Miller’s Collision & Auto Inc. – Miller family
• Wayside Family Restaurant
• Concordia Publishing House
• Trocaire College
• Universal Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
• Turftenders
• Karyczak’s Automotive
• Louis Del Prince & Sons Inc. Paving Contractors
• Pioneer Camp & Retreat Center
• Heritage Pipe Organs
• West Seneca Printing Inc.
• Try-Lock Roofing Inc.
• Neth & Sons Inc.-Roofing, Windows, Siding
• Sieck, Mast & Leslie Funeral Home – also for their generous donations of the flowers for all our events.

A special thank to Pastor Domenick Lettieri for serving as our Banquet M.C.
An additional thank you to the Pfohl family for donating the lighted display of the history booklet cover.
The winner of the Quilt Drawing was Karl Young, brother of Rose Reeves.
Thanks to the Sunday School for preparing the 100th Anniversary banquet placemats.
Our gratitude goes to Lily’Z Catering for our delicious luncheon following the October 29th 100th Anniversary Worship Service.

7. Proclamations from the City of Buffalo and County of Erie were presented. The original copies will be displayed at church in the near future. Please see copies published elsewhere in this issue.

8. Concordia Historical Institute – Items from our 100th Anniversary celebrations were forwarded to Concordia Historical Institute by History Sub Committee Chair Gretchen Putzman.

9.  THANK YOU 100th Anniversary Committee
Janet Overdorf & Norrine Nagel, Co Chairs
Jim Carr & Joyce Vassallo, Banquet Chairs

Committee members: Barbara Bartholomew, David Bartholomew, Claire Carlson, Judy Carr, Lois Doll, Maria Eitler, Judi Feltz, Maxine Ford, Sue Gifford, Dayle Huber, Elinor Jentsch, Lois Mudie, Gladys Matson, Gloria Pfohl, Pastor John Pingel, Gretchen Putzman, Marie Radtke, Deann Sheppard, Roy Sheppard, Terri Szuflita, Paul Thomas, Ruth Wurster

• March Auction: Deann & Roy Sheppard, Joyce Vassallo, Lois Doll, Judy Carr
• History Sub Committee: Chair Gretchen Putzman, Claire Carlson, Jim Carr, Dayle Huber, Elinor Jentsch, Paul Thomas
• History Booklet Cover: Beth Pfohl
• Sunday School Activities: Lois Doll
• Publicity: Claire Carlson, Dayle Huber, Pastor Pingel
• Guest Ministers: Gladys Matson, Gloria Pfohl
• Note Cards: Terri Szuflita
• Banner near Lectern: Joyce Vassallo
• Organ Recital: Chair Ruth Wurster, Barb Bartholomew, Lois Doll, Norrine Nagel, Janet Overdorf
• Anniversary Apparel:  Julie Schmidt
• Quilt Drawing: Deann Sheppard, Joyce Vassallo
• Confirmation Reunion: Norrine Nagel, Elinor Jentsch
• Banquet: Jim Carr, Joyce Vassallo, Maria Eitler, Deann Sheppard, Gloria Pfohl, Claire Carlson, Dave & Barb Bartholomew
• Banquet Program: Jim Carr, Claire Carlson, Dayle Huber, Paul Thomas, Dave & Barb Bartholomew
• Anniversary Service Luncheon: Terri & Rich Szuflita, Norrine Nagel
• Outside Banners – Fred Bartz Jr., Barbara Bartholomew, Dayle Huber, Claire Carlson

Our final committee meeting  Saturday, January 13, 2018 at 9:00 am.

Janet Overdorf 655-1929        Norrine Nagel 826-6745