2-25-18: "Not Guilty" on account of Christ.

2-18-18: The Lord will provide.

2-11-18: Peaks & Valleys.

2-4-18: Jesus the healer.

1-28-18: Is food offered to idols tainted?

1-21-18: Are you willing to go where God wants you to go?

1-14-18: Are you hearing but not listening?

1-7-18: The Epiphany of our Lord (Observed).

12-24-17: Christmas Eve 2017.

12-24-17: Christmas Eve 2017 (morning service) - The Annunciation.

12-17-17: Children's Christmas Pageant.

12-10-17: Behold, I send my messenger before your face.

12-3-17: Don’t keep Christ ‘IN’ Christmas.

11-26-17: What you do to your neighbor in need you do to Christ himself.

11-22-17: Thanksgiving

11-19-17: Using your gifts.

11-12-17: The watchman on the wall.

11-5-17: All Saints Sunday

10-29-17: Guest Speaker - The Rev. Chris Wicher - 100th Anniversary Celebration Service

10-22-17: Games people play. Malachi 3:6-12

10-15-17: House Sitting. Mark 13:32-37

10-1-17: The most sobering words in the world. Luke 12:13-21

9-24-17: Guest Speaker - The Rev. Karl Brenner - "Sin has met its match!"

9-17-17: Jesus said "Forgive seventy times seven."

9-10-17: Onward Christian Soldiers...

8-27-17: Guest Speaker - The Rev. Robert Volkert

7-30-17: Guest Speaker - The Rev. Dr. David Belasic

7-9-17: Our sinful nature.

6-25-17: The Ausburg Confession.

6-11-17: Go therefore and make disciples of all nations.

6-4-17: Pentecost - You can place your faith in danger if you don't hear His word.

5-21-17: Existing in an alien culture.

5-14-17: The stone the builder rejected has become the cornerstone.

5-7-17: Jesus is the Good Shepherd.

4-30-17: Guest Minister – Rev. Ronald Sprehe – Did not our hearts burn within us?

4-23-17: Jesus has revealed himself to us.

4-16-17: Easter Sunday service.

4-13-17: Maundy Thursday service.

4-5-17: Midweek Lenten Service – A Time for Tears.

4-2-17: Jesus died so that we might live.

3-26-17: He makes the blind see!

3-22-17: Midweek Lenten Service - Bringing Tears to Jesus’ Eyes.

3-19-17: Guest Minister - Rev. Dennis Putzman

3-12-17: God Loves You!

3-5-17: The fall into sin.

3-1-17 ( Ash Wednesday): Tears of Penitence.

2-19-17: God uses others to get His work done in the World.

2-12-17: Jesus teaches about the Law with authority.

2-5-17: Guest Minister - Rev. David Wurster, Ph.D.

1-29-17: Let him who boasts boast in the Lord.

1-22-17: Let there be no divisions in Christ's church.

1-15-17: God's Lamb takes away the world's sin.

1-1-17: Jesus' circumcision and naming on the eighth day.

12-24-16: Entire Christmas Eve Service

12-18-16: Joseph is told of the coming birth of Jesus and the name He shall be given.

12-11-16: Advent is the season of mixed emotions.

12-4-16: John the Baptist prepares the way of the Lord by preaching a baptism of repentance.

11-20-16: King from the Cross.